There is one major thing that can make the world a better place.


From the people you’d least expect it.


Now, just so we’re clear, I’m definitely not talking about THESE sorts of strangers…

But the above image reinforces what many of us were taught to think from a young age: treat strangers with distrust, contempt, or just plain apathy.

But why?

What kind of a messed up world are we creating?

The fact is that when you’re born into this world, EVERYONE is a stranger. Within the first few years we befriend some strangers, but then, as we grow older, we start limiting our interactions again. We start ignoring people outside our direct social circle. We start ignoring people “we don’t know”.

And yet each person we don’t know has the potential to help us learn more about ourselves.

Sometimes, strangers can provide us with inspiration and encouragement we are unable to get from those closest to us.

Personally speaking, over the years I’ve been greatly encouraged by various “strangers” online. Influential writers/bloggers like Leo Babauta, Seth Godin, Tim Ferriss, and Glen Allsopp have helped me gain a greater understanding of things.

Now I’d like to contribute.

This blog is my attempt at doing that. Hopefully it inspires and encourages you to think, question things, pursue your passions, and live life on your own terms.

What’s the catch?

See? Again with the distrust of strangers… :P

There’s only one catch. You have to promise to DO something with the information on this website.

You have to TAKE ACTION and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for your own choices in life. After all, most of us have the capacity to make choices every day about how we live our lives. And those choices can start RIGHT NOW if we want them to.

Remember, strangers can encourage you, but only YOU can do the work required.

But, who are you?

My first response is: does it really matter?

But, if you want to know a little about me, here it is …

My name is Adam Wozniak and I’m from Adelaide, Australia. You can visit my personal website at www.AdamWozniak.com

I was born in a refugee camp to Polish parents who were fleeing communist Poland. After the better part of a year there, we were given the opportunity (by “strangers”) to fly to Australia and begin a new life.

So we arrived in Australia on a humanitarian visa. We had no possessions, no extended family, and no English skills. In fact, I learned English by watching Sesame Street.

As I grew up, I had vague ideas of what I wanted to do with my life. My first ambition was to become a professional tennis player.

Unfortunately, that never quite materialised, although I did end up coaching tennis for a solid decade.

So I continued looking elsewhere for direction. I completed two university degrees and explored many different careers, including working as a private investigator, a lawyer, a radio show host, a comedian, a filmmaker, a university teacher, and a business owner running my own web design agency.

What I’ve learned through this journey is this: there is no destination. Life is about experiences. It’s about meeting new people, doing new things, and confronting our fears and limiting beliefs. It’s about discovering things that make us feel alive. It’s about being encouraged by others and, in turn, encouraging them back.

Ultimately, it’s about turning strangers into friends, as we all travel through this journey that is life.